aaaaaahhhhhhhhh...*mampu mengeluh
i think i become fat again..sekarang ni munch,chomp and swallow become a hobby.its bad habitt u know!
every minute i think about food..
even wake in the morning first in my mind is food!
my shirt and jeans pun dah mula ketat..aarrrrrggggg
macam mana nak stop taking heavy meal ni!!stop eating to much rice,its can make u fat bcoz rice contain a lot of carbohydrate and almost everyday i eat meat n chicken,sayur tu memang pandang sebelah mata je la..what the!!
bla dah makan baru nak menyesal ;( bila tengah makan memang tak ingat dunia..
my goal is to reach my weight below then 58 kg before 21 years old..
another 4 month to reach 21?
what to do..pasrah je la.
i read 1 tumblr ni...malay girl, very beautiful and she had very nice body.
she give an advise how to make u stomach flat and maintain in a week!
i repeat A WEEK!.

  • first eat before 7o'clock, 
  • second stop minum air sejuk and stop taking carbonated drink such as coke!~~ its my favorite drink ;( sangat ketagih!! its hard right to stop taking all this thing?
  • plain water is good,drink vitagen, yogurt  because its good for digestion
  • she prefer swimming (mana nak carik plak swimming pool kan muadzam ni kann??) but i more prefer sit up 
saya ni tak le gemuk sangat..people say me chubby la. LOL!
Fact-jaga makan anda agar tak sakit waktu tua nanti.,,
its not effect us today but in future~ its my mum advise too.
nampaknya cereal fitness dah tak lut di badan.bila makan die lapaq lagi ada la ;p
nampaknya kena take baby step,cut the heavy meal ;) insyaallah i will try!
to my brother,die cakap nak diet,so GUDLUCK!

**angan-angan dapat kurus macam ni ;p
picture i took from tumblr

May Peace be upon u
Post by wanie

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ida fisa said...

go go wani. u pasti boleh punye.

Azyyati Elias said...

Good luck for you. Wish may you all the best. And good luck for me too. :)

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