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Oh!! ada question yang di tag oleh Azyyati Elias.baru perasan lepas tengok Ida Fisa punya blog ;p
mari try answer all this question..lets go bebeh!

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11 thing about my self
  • Cat lover
  • I can live without handphone
  • Love watching movie in cinema 
  • Only wearing my glasses during study or in the class
  • Fashion addict
  • Hate sport so much except bowling (but bowling is sport right?? whatever)
  • I can finish large pizza alone
  • I eat all type of cheese
  • Movies or songs i just a person who more prefer english than malay 
  • I can slept 12 hours straight
  • For me family are my everything ;)
The Q & A

1.What is your dream? Explain

  • In future after married i really wanted to get my own bakery hired a talented chef (can i hired chef from France??can i?can i? they really good in baking,trust me) and also get husband who really good in baking
2. What is your favorite's food?
  • Nasi kandar,cakes,pizza and many more
3.State 5 countries that you wanted to go for your vacation

  • Canada,Rome,Korea,Greenland (Denmark) and Alaska
4.How are you gonna describe our friendship? Maybe close friend or best friend or facebook friend or just a friend? It's up to you. :)

  • Did u mean u Azyyati Elias?? Arrr hard to answer..emmmmmmmm of course one of my best friend,everyday u see my face and listen my annoying story.haha
5.What is your specialty?
  • I am good at painting scenery but its quite long i stop painting
6.What is your height?
  • 163cm
7.How much are you spend for shopping?
  • Depend how much my parent bring their money..hahah sorry mom,dad, i have no money to shopping alone
8.Choose between Paris or New York. And why?
  • New York!! i really wanted to go Times Square! 
9.Did you watch Korean Drama?
  •  Yes
10.What are your favorite's song and movies or drama?
  • Movie : The Lord of The Rings is my top list
  • Song : Most my favorite is english songs, so many hard to list
11.What brands are you always bought for your clothes and shoes?
  • Cannot answer this question
The new Q from Me
  1. Describe features of your dream man?
  2. Give 7 things that must have in your handbag? 
  3. What you understand about LOVE?
  4. Have you broken someone heart?
  5. Choose handbag,shoes or cloth you mostly wanted to buy? Describe more detail about that thing.
  6. Do you ever thought about to have your own personal stylish?
  7. Choose 1 female idol that you really wanted to get like her beauty and body?Please explain
  8. Give 5 expression went you in front a person you like.
  9. What kind of wedding you want in future? Garden,beach,traditional or other else?
  10. Where they plan to go for honeymoon?
  11. Decribe "word" that you always used to give excuse.
I tag this people
  1. Cik Caah
  2. nini rianie
  3. none
  4. none
  5. none
  6. none
  7. none
  8. none
  9. none
  10. none 
  11. none
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