Trying to be FIT!

Insyaallah..my short term achievement
I'm going to accept this challenge to
shape up my body with14 days or more diet program with nestle fitnesse cereal and nestle bliss yogurt!
replace all my heavy meal with this and try to exercise..maybe joging or skipping or playing badminton or just do simple exercise.i will try

I'm determined to make it work! i am not trying to get slim body or whatever blaa..bla.bla.bla but i'm doing for this

actually its very heavy task..i need cut down eating heavy meal, avoid from eat junk food,soft drink,pastry
what can i say all unhealthy food! pray for me guys.. ;)

*ok fine tulis entry sambil mkn 4 roti sausage... yg kecik pnya ok! mcm mn nak stop ni -__-
Post by wanie

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Cik Ca'ah said...

hahaha. aku rasa aku kena join ang la,nak kurussssssssss

bestiesbeat said...

apa lg..jom!
aku start bln posa ni kot.

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